Girls Varsity Softball · SOFTBALL TRIBUTE TO OUR SENIORS 2020

Amanda Diaz

              Thank you Brahma Softball for all that you taught me.  I can’t believe my four years with Brahma Varsity Softball has come to an end so quickly.  I miss being out on the field, but I know that I will use what I learned on my next endeavors.  Thank you to my parents for their unconditional love and support, and cheering me on at my games.  Thank you to my coaches who motivated and pushed me to be a well-rounded player.  Finally thank you to my teammates for all the memories we shared, and fun times like singing on the bus rides to games.  This team has taught me so many lessons that I will continue to implement on and off the field.


Anna Lasko

Brahma Softball has had many ups and down, but has given me many experiences and relationships that are truly unforgettable. Having started my softball journey at the age of eight I formed many incredible friendships. At that time I had also met Sarah Zepeda, a friend that I have carried with me throughout the years and now ten years later finishing our journey together. Our journey through softball may not have ended the way we expected it to, but I am excited to see what the future holds for all of us. In the next chapter of my life I plan on furthering my education at Cal Poly San Luis Obispo where I will study graphic communications in hopes of a career in the design industry. I want to thank my teammates for not only being my family on the field, but as well as off the field. I have formed friendships with each of you, some starting from years ago and others from just a couple months ago. You guys have always the perfect end to my school day with all the jokes and laughs we shared that truly made the past four years the best. Next I would to thank Coach Dani and Coach Watkins for the endless amount of ground balls and pop fly’s you hit to us, as well as the valuable lessons that I learned from you. Games and practices always got way more fun when we saw you two walking up with Starbucks. One of my most memorable moments by far was getting hit in the face at the Ontario game and Coach Davies lending me a shoulder for me to literally cry on. You’ve not only been an amazing coach, but also our biggest cheerleader; someone I am always excited to talk to, joke about and confide in. I’m so grateful for the past three years with your encouragement and support for not only me, but the entire team. Lastly, I would like to thank my family for all the love and support they have given me throughout the years. My parents have never failed to be at every single one of my games, as well as getting me to every practice on time no matter how far the drive was. Without them I wouldn’t be the player or person I am today, and I am so grateful for every opportunity they have given me.


Emily Ruhl

Three years ago at the end of my freshman year, I got a letter from a senior telling me to cherish every moment during high school because it will be over before you know it. I didn’t believe her then but know I’m here writing my senior goodbye. I want to thank my coaches who have made these past three years unforgettable. Thank you for making the time spent on the field the thing I looked forward to the most each day. Thank you to my teammates for being some of my best friends throughout high school and I will forever cherish all of our memories together. I will miss all of the laughs in the team room and on our bus rides. Thank you to my sister for being my best friend on and off the field. You have made the past two seasons unforgettable and I can’t wait to see what you will accomplish next. Last but not least, thank you to my parents. They have pushed me to be the best I can be and shown nothing but support throughout my softball career up to this point. I wouldn’t be in the position I am today without you. I am so blessed to have the opportunity to continue my academic and athletic career in the fall at Weber State University. I can’t wait to see what this team will accomplish next with all the talent it holds. Thank you Brahma softball for making high school softball one to remember.


Liliana Ruvalcaba

First and foremost I want to say thank you to my Mom and Dad. Everything that I am and everything I have accomplished is because of your unwavering love and support and nothing makes me prouder than being your daughter. Brahma softball was a big part of my high school experience and I am grateful for all the memories I have made over these past four years. High school softball has taught me much about hard work and perseverance. Also, without Brahma softball I probably would have never met one of my best friends, Megan Spradling and all of our spontaneous movie and boba trips would have never happened. I have no idea who would have done my make-up and hair for homecoming and prom! I was excited to see what this season would bring. I thought our team had a great positive vibe this year. Senior Night was supposed to officially close out 13 years of playing the game. Thirteen years of work, memories, and friends. I am sad that memory didn’t occur. But I am ready to move onto a new chapter and adventure. I am not sure where I will be attending college just yet but I am excited to see what the future holds.


Megan Spradling

I want to say thank you to everyone who helped me with my softball journey.  Sadly, it was cut too short but I want to say a special thanks to my parents and to all of my coaches that helped me along the way.  One of my favorite memories would have to be when we finally got to see the team room and everyone’s faces lit up.  You could see how much hard work was put into it and how much it was appreciated.  Finally, I am so grateful for all of the, experiences, memories, and friendships I have made along the way.


Ali Tejeda

It’s hard to believe that four years of Brahma Softball went by so quickly.  Thank You to the coaching staff for pushing me to be my best both on and off the field.  You have all taught me how to truly have fun while still getting business done.  Thank You to the incredible girls I had the opportunity to play with, I will never forget how much of a family we all really are.  After tearing my ACL my junior year, I truly believed I would not be able to play my senior season but with the love and support from my family and from Diamond Bar I worked hard every day to be back out there as soon as I could and achieve my lifetime goal of playing collegiate softball.  I will be attending Pace University in New York majoring in Environmental Science and playing Division II softball.  Thank You to everyone who played a part in my comeback story.  I can’t wait to see what else this team can do in the future. Go Brahmas!


Sarah Zepeda

Softball has brought me many joys in life, but the most important one would be the bonds I’ve made. The most special one I have would be with Anna lee Lasko. We’ve been inseparable since we were 8 years old, and ten years later nothing has changed. The Flores and Chavez family’s are also life long bonds I’ve gained through softball that I will carry throughout the rest of my life. The next two years I plan on attending Fullerton college for my general education. Although, my major is still undecided I’m excited to explore many different interests in the next phase of my life. After two years, I plan on transferring to a school that best supports my major.

All the good memories I made within this program, is thanks to my team. we may not have all played with each other from the time we were young, but I believe that made us work even harder and much stronger as a team. Being so diverse has had its challenges, but made our successes much more rewarding . I want to give a big thank you to coach Dani and Watkins for being the calm before AND after the Storm. You two have always had the most encouraging words for us and never failed to put a smile on our faces.

Now, a special thank you to the Storm. Our relationship is beyond normal, and I am lucky enough to have one with you on and off the field. You are always a person I will lean on and can count on to get me out of trouble. Everyone hearing this right now must think I’m crazy because of how much we yell at each other, but it’s okay. Although it may not be obvious at times, but our conversations mean the most to me and I find myself learning new things from you all the time. Whether it’s perspective or common sense, you’re always there to push me in the right direction. And last but not least, thank you to my family. Thank you for always putting up with me after a bad day or game. And sticking though the rough parts with me. I wouldn’t have been able to do this without your constant love and support. Thank you everyone for making my 4 years on varsity the best they could be.