Boys Varsity Swimming, Girls Varsity Swimming · SWIM & DIVE TRIBUTE TO OUR SENIORS 2020


Biggest Accomplishments: CIF Division 4 free relay meet record, got to swim at CIF-State (ty @kate kaimin and melanie), Brea aquatics for 10 years, scholar athlete

Anyone you’d like to thank: God, family, friends and teammates, coaches, and teachers

Future Plans: CSUF Finance

Thank you for 3 years of memories; you guys made season the best part of the school year <3


Biggest Accomplishments: Swim Captain

Future Plans: College



Biggest Accomplishments: Always staying on top of my priorities

Anyone you’d like to thank: My family for always being the most supportive

Future Plans: Committed to CSU Channel Islands as a Pre-Nursing major


Biggest Accomplishments: Club swimmer for 10 years, varsity swimmer for 4 years, National Merit Commended Scholar, maybe valedictorian

Anyone you’d like to thank: I want to thank my family for being unconditionally supportive and for the sacrifices they made for this sport, and also my friends for being a second family and making swim so much fun 🙂

Future Plans: Major in biology at Cal Poly Pomona

Thank you for such a fun 3 seasons! bummer that the last one was cut short but it was still memorable 🙂


Biggest Accomplishments: Varsity swim for 4 years , senior committee, Brahma Tech Academy, student advisory boards

Anyone you’d like to thank: My family, they’re the goat- greatest of all time. My mom is the sweetest, most supportive person ever. My dad is the most creative person I have ever met, and I look up to him for that. And finally my brother Michael who’s hard work ethic is something i strive to have and always motivates me to be a better person.

Future Plans: Going to attend Chapman University, swimming there as well with a major in Political Science and a minor in law and liberal arts.

Hi you coaches I’m thankful for you guys and I’m sorry that this swim season has been cut short. I hope that next season is just as successful as we predicted this season was supposed to be. Go Brahmas!


Biggest Accomplishments: Becoming an editor in chief for the yearbook and getting shower president.

Anyone you’d like to thank: I would like to thank my family for always being there. Kaylee,Sophia,Fran,Darren,and Raquel just for being themselves. Thank you Slader for making me pass Geometry and Quizlet for helping on test. I would also like to thank Mrs.Hebert, Ms.ku, Jazmine, Ms.Chen, Mrs. Tenace, Mr. Neil, and Mr.Natividad for continuing to inspire their student and believing in them. Congrats to all of the swimmers!

Future Plans: Yes I plan on attending Cal Poly Pomona in the fall.


Biggest Accomplishments: Being the co-concertmaster of DBHS concert orchestra is probably my biggest accomplishment.

Anyone you’d like to thank: I’d like to thank my family for always supporting me unconditionally.

Future Plans: I’m continuing my journey at Cal Poly San Luis Obispo to study architecture.

Thank you to all the coaches who’d been through the four years of swimming with us. It’s so unfortunate that this season had to end early, especially when we anticipated it so much. I was determined to break my records this last year, but things have changed which is honestly quite disappointing. Overall, my experience at dbhs is incredible, and I wish everyone the best.


Biggest Accomplishments: Diamond Bar KIWIN’S Treasurer, KIWIN’S Distinguished Treasurer, Brahma Tech, 2020 Class Committee, Diamond Bar City Through My Lens Photo Contest Winner, Russell and Jaimee Kiner Kiwanis Scholarship Recipient

Anyone you’d like to thank: I would like to thank my friends and family for their support throughout these 4 years.

Future Plans: I will attend UC Riverside and major in Business Administration.


Anyone you’d like to thank: Coaches and friends.

Future Plans: Community college and university


Biggest Accomplishments: Varsity Swim

Anyone you’d like to thank: My family for supporting me throughout high school.

Future Plans: College


Biggest Accomplishments: Grew a total of 6 inches in all 4 years of HS, 4004 Trophy Count in Clash Royale, Can hold stomach Vacuum for maybe 3 seconds, PLTW Engineering Recipient, Xie Award Holder

Anyone you’d like to thank: Thanks to Cyrus Phan, Nick Chebat, Aaron Kim, Andrew Park, Kevin Lee, Timothy Jia, Daniel Min (thanks for the job), everyone that talks to me in swim (love you guys), all the seniors in my year (you guys are awesome), and finally to all the coaches that had to put up with me (you guys deserve a raise)

Future Plans: Attending Cal Poly Pomona for Electrical Engineering, trying to make pineapple pizza the new pepperoni pizza

Without the Swim Team I wouldn’t be where I am, Keep those streamlines tight and your swim suits tighter.
– Love you guys Xie


Biggest Accomplishments: 3 years League Champs, 3 CIF finals, going to State 2019

Anyone you’d like to thank: I would like to thank all of my teammates and coaches throughout the years for making my competitive swimming career so memorable. I’d also like give a special thank you to my parents. Thank you for being by my side at every meet and being my number one fans since the beginning.

Future Plans: I’ve decided to pursue a degree in Aviation, I’m going to go to Mt.San Antonio College for my AS and pilot’s license, I’ll also be swimming on their team. I then plan to get my BS at the University of Southern Illinois.



Biggest Accomplishments:  4 years of being on the swim team, 3 years of orchestra bassist, Contributed volunteered time to PAWS, Red Cross, and Interact clubs, 500+ hours of volunteering ar Pomona Valley Hospital Center

Anyone you’d like to thank: I would like to thank my parents of course for supporting my athletic endeavors. I would also like to thank my coaches for keeping us in shape and having a light enough attitude to keep us going. I would also like to thank the teachers that took time out of their days to understand their students and allow student-athletes to keep up with their studies.

Future Plans: I plan to pursue a degree in electrical engineering for one or two years at Cal Poly Pomona. Then I will transfer to the University of California, Irvine to earn my masters. From there I will see where my education will take me and settle down when I land a stable job. As for swimming I plan to continue regular practice and competition wherever I go.

Thanks for everything.


Biggest Accomplishments: Made the varsity water polo team, won the water polo Mt. Baldy League Championship, awarded “Most Improved Player of the Year” in water polo, Sports Editor for the school’s newspaper, The Bull’s Eye, placed 5th at Regional Write-Offs (writing competition) and qualified for State Write-Offs.

Anyone you’d like to thank: I would like to thank anyone who made an impact on my high school experience, regardless if it was big or small, and my parents for putting up with me for all of these years. I would like to thank the water polo and swim program, and my friends, for making high school less boring and giving me an opportunity to compete and better myself physically and mentally.

Future Plans: Going to UC Irvine with a major in English

Diamond Bar High School was one of the best school experiences I could have ever asked for, and I hope college will be the same.


Biggest Accomplishments: Got to swim at CIF, part of Anime Club family

Anyone you’d like to thank: The whole DBHS and everyone in it have been a really nurturing presence; also my family for always keeping me on the right track.

Future Plans: UCSD Visual Arts major, illustrator in future



Biggest Accomplishments: Making great friends

Anyone you’d like to thank: My Momma, Mr. Richard, Coach Codi,

Future Plans: College or the Navy



Biggest Accomplishments: AP Language and Composition Student of the Year, Symphony Orchestra Vice President, National Orchestra Cup winner, AP Scholar with Distinction, Math Team

Anyone you’d like to thank: Thank you to my friends, my mom, Mr. A, Mrs. Kelly, Mr. Kuo, and Mr. Lee for getting me through high school and helping me with each step of the college process. Thank you guys for the never ending support and I couldn’t have done it without you guys. <3

Future Plans: I plan on attending UCLA as a financial actuarial mathematics major.

I’ll miss my juniors and thank you for making practices/meets fun and worthwhile <3


Biggest Accomplishments: I think my biggest accomplishments at DBHS is my time in the waterpolo team as well as my time volunteering with a organization helping those experiencing homelessness.

Anyone you’d like to thank: I would like to thank my family and my friends for supporting me all throughout high school.

Future Plans: My plans in the future are to study data science at UC Irvine.


Biggest Accomplishments: I was apart of the building New Hope club and helped out with that.

Anyone you’d like to thank: I would like to thank my family, friends, many teachers- Mr. List, Mr. Neil, Mr. Davies, Mr. Marquez, Mrs, Piña.

Future Plans: I’m going to Cal State Fullerton

I will miss DBHS swim


Biggest Accomplishments: National Merit Scholar, TEDx Youth Facilitator, AIMed Student Ambssador, AIMed Club President, Recipient of President’s Volunteer Service Award Gold for 2017 and 2018.

Anyone you’d like to thank: My family for being my main source of guidance and support, all the amazing teachers I was lucky to learn from, and all the friends I’ve made these few years, both on the team and in my classes.

Future Plans: To continue my journey to becoming an AI-assisted physician, change the world for the better, and connect with lots of great people along the way. 🙂

Swim started as a way for me to get some exercise freshman year, and it ended up providing me with so much more than just improved health. I’ll never forget the friends I’ve made during these four years and every memorable experience I’ve had at a meet. Thanks for the memories.