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Incoming freshmen L’Mio Edwards taking advantage of a little setback from COVID and transforming it into positive change. Let’s promote health and well-being through exercise and helping others. We challenge all of you in this awesome cause to help those impacted by COVID.

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“Run, jog or walk at your own pace a 5K in the city of Diamond Bar.

This is not a race. We will be practicing social distancing while getting some air and exercise. We suggest to bring a mask with you but you are not required to wear it while running or walking.

We start and finish at Waba Grill on the corner of Grand Ave / Diamond Bar Blvd. Same parking lot as and right next to Massage Envy. 5KaDay4Food Challenge Meet Up

Starting at Waba Grill we take Grand Ave toward Golden Springs.
Turn right at Golden Springs and go up to Diamond Bar Blvd.
Turn right at Diamond Bar Blvd back to Grand and Waba Grill.

5KaDay4Food Challenge Meet Up raises funds for the charity New Earth which gives people affected by Covid19 or lost jobs due to related shutdowns Free Weekly Groceries. All donations are voluntary and strictly go through the GoFundme page to help those in need.

To do the #5KaDay4Food Challenge all you do is
1. Donate to the charity at
​2. Run / walk your 5K or what you’re able
​3. Challenge your friends to do the same when you’re done. Post #5KaDay4Food or tag 5KaDay4Food on your social media when you Challenge them.

Enjoy some great food from Waba Grill when you get back. Each person showing up to do the 5KaDay4Food Challenge gets a special Buy One Get One offer (equal or lesser value) with the purchase of any size drink.

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Together we can make a difference.

See you there.” – L’Mio Edwards