Brahmas News · 2020 School Year Athletic News – Welcome!

Welcome to the start of the 2020 – 2021 School Year!

If you have not read our WVUSD Superintendent’s message on reopening schools, please read HERE

Our new CIF Sports Calendar to reflect the postponement of certain sports due to our COVID situation can be found HERE

High School Athletics at Diamond Bar High School will commence ONLY when we receive authorization from our District/County Health/State as it pertains to our contributions in doing our part to slow down the rate of COVID transmission. We simply do not know when we will start.

What can we do?

For students, most of us have the will to win. But only a few have the will to prepare to win. Fortunately we live in 2020 and have access to information and a lot of technology tools. If COVID occurred back in the 80-90s, all I’ll be receiving for distance learning is a packet for each subject to complete and figure out with the help of my siblings and parents. There’s a lot you can do, such as learning about your own health, nutrition, sleep, physical preparation, etc.

For parents, we have to lead by example. Optimism, social & emotional intelligence, problem solving, focusing on solutions rather than problems, and expressing unconditional love.

In preparation for the start of the season, all students participating in high school athletics must be cleared. Directions can be found HERE