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Directions for NEW USERS. For EXISTING USERS, scroll down below: 

1. Print the Sports Physical Forms (1 Page) – Take it to your doctor (MD or DO ONLY) to have them perform the physical and sign the form. Signed by MD or DO ONLY

2. The Parent/guardian and athlete should log on together to to REGISTER your free account. Watch the quick tutorial video HERE

a. You will be asked to type in a code to verify you are human. If this step is skipped your account will not activate.

3. Login.

4. To begin a new student clearance, select 2018-2019, DIAMOND BAR (CIF-SS), and the athlete’s primary SPORT (Additional sports will be selected at the end of the process)

5. Fill out all required fields for Student Information & Educational History

a. Please upload a copy of your completed PHYSICAL FORMS (2 pages for the older version, 2017-2018 and previous year, ONLY 1 page for the 2018-2019 form) If no scanner is available, a phone picture will work, just make sure to crop it. 

* If you saved the 2 pages on 2 separate files, upload the first page into Physical Form and the second page into Addition Form

b. Please upload a copy of your medical insurance card.

6. Answer all medical history questions to auto populate the athlete’s emergency card.

7. Fill out all required information for the parents/guardians and emergency contact.

8. Electronically sign off on all documents (parent, student, and both). No initials, use full names including Jr. and Sr. if applicable. 

a. All documents are available for download for your records.

9. The final step to get CLEARED is to:  The student-athlete is to bring a copy of the signed physical form AND the 3-page SIGNED Walnut Valley Unified School District Waiver Forms (see top of page for attachements).

10. Data is electronically filed* with the athletic office for review. *HIPAA and HITECH compliant.

11.When the student has been cleared for participation, an email notification will be sent.

DIRECTIONS FOR Existing Users:

  1. Log into your existing account (if you forgot your username, ask your Athletic Director).

  2. Click on the icon on the upper left labeled: Start New Clearance

  3. Select the new school year and school

  4. Existing information from the previous school year will be saved and transferred

  5. Complete the rest of the clearance process with electronic signatures: Complete names (Parent & Student). Initials will not be accepted.

  6. Upload new physical exam forms and/or insurance information

  7. Once the online portion is complete, the final step is for your child to bring a copy of the physical form to the Athletic Department AND the 3-page signed Walnut Valley Unified School District Waiver Forms (hand the form over to Yvonne Manly or Albert Lim)